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Toyota Vios: The Workhorse for Millennials

By maigne on January 7th, 2019

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Why is the Toyota Vios the car for millennials?

  1. It is affordable
  2. It is fuel-efficient and capable
  3. It is the practical choice
  4. It has a modern style


The Philippine shores are being introduced to many subcompact vehicles that are taking the automotive market by storm. Toyota Motors Philippines, have been on top of the subcompact class with the Toyota Vios, and with the latest model, They’re still king of the hill. Why is the Toyota Vios so popular? It’s because it’s the number one choice of the younger generation. What makes this car so great? Let’s find out.


It is affordable

When it comes to affordability, it’s tough to beat Toyota. There’s nothing in its price range that comes close when it comes to performance, luxury, and practicality. The Toyota Vios is a titan in its class. With a base price of Php 659,000 and the top of the line model at 933,000 pesos, millennials would lean toward the choice of buying the Toyota Vios. Brand new Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines will never cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why millennials opt for the new Vios, simply because they can afford it.

It's fuel-efficient and capable

It is fuel-efficient and capable

The 1.3 liter 1NR-FE and the 1.5 liter 2NR-FE have proven to be fuel-efficient especially in the bumper to bumper traffic in Manila. Both engine options can manage 8-11 kilometers a liter in traffic. If those numbers don’t seem impressive, other vehicles will do less than 5-9 kilometers a liter in the same conditions.

The 98 horsepower 1.3-liter variant will do the job of getting you from point A to point B with ease. Because of the lightweight chassis, the powertrain will have no difficulty pulling you through any road. If you want a little bit more punch, you can go for the 105 horsepower 1.5-liter variant. Both variants have proven to be responsive, millennials will surely enjoy this powertrain.


It’s the practical choice

The Toyota Vios has always been a practical choice for the young workforce. The Toyota Vios is worth every centavo, this subcompact sedan comes with spacious legroom, 478-liter trunk space, enough power, and outstanding fuel-efficiency to take you wherever you need to go.

If you want a smooth ride and even better fuel efficiency, the CVT transmission is the best choice. Toyota Motors Philippines have made practicality a top priority for its customers. When it comes to maintenance, you don’t have to worry about spending heaps of cash on your new Vios. Just make sure that you have the allowance for regular preventive maintenance.

It has modern style

Modern style

The stylish designs and sporty look are what attracts the Millennials toward the Toyota Vios. It’s sharp lines and wider stance gives the Vios’ aggressive look. Brand New Toyota Cars for Sale in the Philippines all look great, but there’s something special about the new Vios. The striking new looks are accentuated by the new 16-inch alloy wheels, just the right set for the size of the car.


Key Takeaway

The new Vios has proven to be the best in its class and one of the best cars today. It’s reliable, practical, and stylish, it ticks off everything that Millennials look for in a car. There’s a reason why this car is the number one choice for Millennials, it speaks for itself.

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