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5 Factors that Make the Toyota Wigo a Great First Car in The Philippines

By maigne on February 27th, 2018


5 Factors that Make the Toyota Wigo a Great First Car in The Philippines
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What are some key factors that show how the Toyota Wigo would be a great car for first time car owners?

  1. Design
  2. Fuel Efficiency
  3. Air-conditioning
  4. Power
  5. Performance


Owning an automotive vehicle for the first time is an exciting part of any person’s life. There are many great cars that would be great introductions into the world of responsibility that car ownership has to bear. But the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines is without a doubt an amazing vehicle with a lot of advantages for those looking to get their first car.

Whether in the provinces or the urban areas of the Philippines, the Toyota Wigo is definitely ready to handle the demands of the average citizen. Here are some basic reasons on why the Toyota Wigo is an ideal choice:


Strategic Design

Despite being a compact car, the Toyota Wigo has a great area for luggage space. And although small on the outside, the Toyota Wigo is incredibly spacious on the inside. There’s a significantly allocated space sufficient for grocery runs. The overall shape of this compact car makes for incredibly responsive handling, especially when taking tight or narrow turns.

Economic Fuel Handling

Without a doubt, the Toyota Wigo I incredibly fuel efficient. This is probably one of the most important advantages that one can put into factor when he or she is looking for a first car that can fit within the most frugal of budgets. Whether going for long drives or being stuck in extended hours of traffic, the Toyota Wigo shows great fuel handling abilities –revving up to 3000 rpm and having the mileage down to 12.1 kilometers per liter.

Excellent Air Conditioning

In the tropical climate of the Philippines, car air conditioners play major roles in protecting ourselves from the brutality of the mid-day sun, especially during the heat waves of the summer time. The Toyota Wigo is fit to handle even the most piercing heats of the Philippines’ tropical climate and geography. You won’t have a problem getting to some of our country’s top road trip destinations!

The Convenience of Power Features

The Toyota Wigo’s electric power steering is definitely perfect for comfort and ease when city driving. The power steering and the reliability it provides have also been extensively tested, showing to still keep stable at even 100 kph. Also, everything from the windows to the mirrors, as well as the locks are equipped with the electrical conveniences. The ABS brakes are also highly efficient in both application and placement. The installed dual airbags have also been tested and prove to be incredibly formidable accident safety measures.

A Great Engine

Available in both manual and automatic transmission, the engine is with three cylinders. It has a total of only 64 horsepower and 3,600 R/PM but is still powerful in drive. The Toyota Wigo in the Philippines also comes in a 1.0-liter engine capable of 64hp and 85Nm.


Key Takeaway

The Toyota Wigo in the Philippines has many advantages to the first time car owner with its overall specs. The convenience of this compact vehicle along with the economic practicality of its maintenance are definitely a great deal as well as a perfect car to learn all the basics of car ownership from.

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