Toyota Motors Tripping with the Toyota Wigo: Holiday Road Trip Ideas for Your Family

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Tripping with the Toyota Wigo: Holiday Road Trip Ideas for Your Family

By maigne on December 28th, 2017


What are some good holiday road trip tips for families?

  1. Pick a drivable and affordable road trip destination
  2. Play some holiday car games while on the road
  3. Do not give away the presents before reaching the destination


If you look around the Philippines, the Toyota Wigo will usually be in your line of sight, whether it be in advertisements or on the road itself. This car is one of the most recognizable variants there is as it is popular for its compact size and its great fuel economy. It’s perfect if you have a small family and have plans of going on a road trip. 

The holiday break is something to cherish as it allows for spending time with family —that and the fact that there are also numerous Philippine vacation spots that are just waiting to be visited. Promos and deals aren’t just for the Toyota Wigo, they are also applicable to majority of Philippine vacation spots during this time of the year!



Pick a Destination That’s Both Drivable and Affordable


The first things to consider when choosing a road trip destination are distance and affordability! Driving somewhere far away with your family for the holidays with your Philippine Toyota Wigo is a great thing to look forward to, but proper planning is essential for a worry-free road trip. 

It goes without saying that it’s much better to choose a destination that isn’t too far from the metro and doesn’t break the bank. That way, you and your family’s holiday break will be all the more enjoyable!



Play Some Car Games While on the Road


Of course, no road trip will ever be complete without some of our most favorite car games to play while on the long, long road to our destination. Especially great for the holidays, the numerous car games you play can definitely strengthen the bond you have with your family; plus, they can also be holiday-themed to keep the holiday season in tune with you all! Whether the game you play is something as simple as ‘I Spy’, or something a bit more challenging like ’20 Questions’ or ‘Would You Rather?’, it helps keep the cabin fever at bay. 


Save the Gift-Giving Until You Reach Your Destination


Funnily enough, gift-giving doesn’t usually stop once the 25th is over! If you’re out on the road and have some gifts in the trunk, it can be tempting to just give your gifts to your loved ones right then and there. Try not to though; it’s much more fun to open gifts at your destination than inside the car, beautiful as the interior of the Toyota Wigo may be. 


Key Takeaway

There really is nothing better than being with your family in the holidays, especially on the road in your comfy and cozy Philippine Toyota Wigo. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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