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3 Reasons Why the Toyota Wigo is a Great Car to Own

By maigne on November 14th, 2017


What makes the Toyota Wigo such a great car to have?

  1. It has exterior appeal
  2. It has interior appeal
  3. It runs on great mileage


There are many great cars in the market right now, but if you were to talk about an ideal choice for the average pinoy, no other car would fit in that criteria other than the Philippine Toyota Wigo. Driving a Toyota Wigo around the Philippines can be a wonderful experience; luckily, availing for it is also just as easy thanks to the numerous promos for a Philippine Toyota Wigo.

With that said, if you’re looking for a great car to own, why not this one? Here are some of the best reasons to get a Toyota Wigo of your own.



It Looks Really Good on the Outside

When it comes to looking at the Philippine Toyota Wigo, or any other car in general, one of the first things that come into view is none other than the exterior. Not only does it protect you from the elements as you drive, it also just really looks good; and as human beings, we like things that look, well, pretty.

The Toyota Wigo definitely delivers in all aspects of appearances. While it may look small in comparison to most cars, you’ll be surprised with what lies underneath.



It Looks Even BETTER on the Inside

Photo from Philstar

As mentioned before, while the Toyota Wigo can definitely offer a treat for the eyes, there is definitely a lot more to marvel at inside! The interior of the Philippine Toyota Wigo offers a lot more space and other amenities that can accommodate each and every passenger in the car, especially the driver. With features such as powerful air conditioning, cup and bottle holders, an on-board computer that enables a lot of technological features, and many others of the sort, availing for the closest promo for a Philippine Toyota Wigo is something to look forward to with a lot of excitement.


Mileage is Great and Ideal

Mileage is one of the most notable indicators of a car’s overall function; and with the Toyota Wigo in store for you and other interested buyers, taking it around for a spin on the road is definitely one of the best things to look forward to.

The Toyota Wigo comes equipped with a mileage of 15.5km/L, which is supported by its ability to run on 33L of Petrol, a power of 65hp, and a torque of 89Nm. With all the engine capabilities, as well as fuel capacity, driving around in this car will be easier than it’s ever been, plus the convenience on the road to match.


Key Takeaway

The Toyota Wigo is something that every driver should look forward to. Whether it be for looking like the flashiest car on the road in the subtlest way, to actually driving for utter convenience and satisfaction, this car should definitely be in your garage!


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