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Toyota Wigo Philippines: Why It’s Great for Newbie Drivers

By maigne on October 9th, 2017

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Why should newbie drivers opt for a Toyota Wigo?

  1. Control is at their fingertips
  2. Its engine is ideal for first-time driving
  3. Its size is ideal
  4. Its price is affordable for many


Everyday, more and more drivers are entering the road with such vigor and excitement. Cars like the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines are making their way across roads, highways, and other paths they can drive in… especially when these cars are being driven by newbie drivers. If you’re a newbie driver yourself and you’re looking for a car to call your own, what better car to have than a Toyota Wigo?

The Toyota Wigo is one of those cars that ring a bell to fans of the car manufacturer everywhere. It’s recognizable by its stylish aesthetic, size, and most of all, its convenience when driving. That being said, the Toyota Wigo can make a great choice for a first car.

Control is at Your Fingertips

Since technology has helped many aspects of the world advance in their own rights, it’s no surprise that the Philippine Toyota Wigo has its fair share of gizmos and gadgets under its arsenal. Convenience is a key aspect to consider when it comes to driving, and the Wigo definitely delivers especially in terms of entertainment.

Most people play some music or even listen to audio books while driving. This is to stay entertained and also helps keep the driver awake. When it comes to playing music in the car, being able to take control of the volume is always important. Luckily, if you wish to increase or decrease the volume of your music, you won’t have to reach for your modem and risk attention division. The Wigo’s steering wheel has all the necessary buttons for you to control the volume and the tracks. It’s all literally at your fingertips.

Its Engine is Ideal for First-Time Driving

When it comes to buying a car of your own, especially for those driving for the first time, the engine is always an important thing to put into consideration. The engine is one of the best features of Toyota Wigos in the Philippines, especially for first-time car owners.

The model comes in two different variants: 1.0G and 1.0E. For the former, it comes equipped with a 3-cylinder in-line, 12-valve, DOHC with VVT-I engine, with a 4-speed A/T, or even a 5-speed M/T transmission; for the 1.0E, this variant comes equipped with the same engine details, as well as a 5-speed M/T transmission.

Regardless of the variant you get, rest assured that driving the Wigo will be a breeze.

Its Size is Ideal

Many enthusiasts say that the smaller the car, the better. With an overall size of 3,660 x 1,600 x 1,520mm in terms of length, width, and height respectively, these dimensions can give you the comfort you need in driving, as well as the capacity to bear other loads.

It’s affordable

Cars are expensive, that much we all know. When it comes to purchasing a car of your own, it’s important to set a budget plan in realistic terms. Luckily for you, the price of a Toyota Wigo rages from Php500,000-600,000 for a new car. Secondhand is cheaper, of course.


Key Takeaway

Driving cars like the Toyota Wigo, especially in the Philippines, are a great way to get around town. Thankfully, this particular car can put you on the right track, especially if it’s your first time taking the wheel.

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