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Types of Cars Built for Rain

By marian on August 24th, 2016



Sometimes it’s a good thing that the only climates in our country are wet and dry, in that we don’t have to endure too many extreme weathers unlike in other countries. It’s good for our cars too, such as a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, because that puts them at less risk for weather damage. However, some cars are more suitable for rainy days than the others. Take for example these types of vehicles:


High-ride vehicles

Low cars may have been cool at one point, but they often have difficulty driving through the rain (particularly when there are is flood) because the water may go in the internal parts of the vehicle. That’s why high-ride or cars that are high-rise are recommended to use during the wet season.


Pickup trucks

There are numerous advantages to driving pickup trucks. To mention a few, they can carry heavy and many loads on its back, can drive on various terrains, and can surely conquer any kind of rain. Pickup trucks are guaranteed to be built strong and sturdy, and is known as an all-around vehicle for those who does more than the average drivers out there.

Specific types of vehicles:

Toyota Sienna

Despite being a minivan, the Toyota Sienna can really endure rains! This is strongly recommended for big families who go out a lot, due to its four-wheel traction and the comfortable interior of the car which can be out there during the rainy days. The Sienna has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine able to drive around 266 horsepower on the front or all of the wheels up to about 25 highway mpg. Although it cannot fully conquer the floods, it is one of the best minivans to drive on wet roads compared to others.


Toyota Land Cruiser

One of the oldest types of vehicles in the company is the Land Cruiser. Due to its powerful and strong exterior, the developers of Toyota seem to improve it generation by generation. The car is a jeep-like vehicle and even has a pickup truck version. It is strongly reliable because of its tough body which can tolerate different types of climates and even terrain. Any version of the Toyota Land Cruiser would do if you’re looking for a quality car built for the rain.

Flooding is common on even on the small streets and even the major highways we pass through each day especially due to the rainy season. Consider buying these types of cars so you can conquer the unwanted waters we pass through during hectic days. Invest wisely!

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