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Booming Upgrades For Your Car’s Sound System

By maigne on June 11th, 2019


What are some upgrades to your car’s sound system?

  1. Better Speakers
  2. Receivers with Multiple Inputs
  3. Amplifiers
  4. Subwoofer


Do you enjoy listening to music in your Toyota Altis from the Philippines?
Do you have a road trip tradition with your friends where you blast your childhood hits?
Do you beat the traffic by singing along to your favorite songs?

Well, why not improve your car’s sound system with upgrades that can enhance your driving experience. By investing in higher quality sound equipment while strategically placing new components, you can turn your vehicle into the ultimate music experience. Read on to learn more about booming upgrades for your car’s sound system.


Better Speakers

Better Speakers

The foundation of any good sound system is a decent set of speakers. The job of every single other component on this list will be to enhance the sound that will come out of these speakers. Take note of the model of your car and the kind of speaker shape and size that would be the ideal fit or it. Consider where you will be mounting the unit in order to better consider the different choices available for you. While looking, you should take into consideration the perfect balance between clarity, sharpness, performance, and sound depth.

Now besides speakers, another foundation of a good sound system is an efficient receiver.


Receivers with Multiple Inputs

Receivers with Multiple Inputs

The receiver is the core and head unit of your sound system. This is what you will use to choose the songs to be played through your speakers. Invest in a touch screen receiver for a clean and smooth look. Opt for one that is easy to use. Your receiver should also include functions such as Bluetooth connectivity and an auxiliary cord for you to connect your phone or other devices to your car speakers. If you would like to listen to a particular station, receivers also provide satellite radio. Take a look around for other units that have unique qualities such as those that can be converted to show video. Let your passengers watch your favorite movies while cruising through the open road.

We can now go on to more specialized forms of upgrades you can do to your car’s sound system.




Amplifiers can boost the limitations of your current sound system. This will cause the sound to radiate around the entire vehicle. You can also mix the specific sounds of your music, which can help give you a richer sound.

Some people like a bit of bass to their sound system, while others like a ton. This is where subwoofers come in.



When combined with an amplifier, a subwoofer can really enhance the bass sound coming from your speakers. This bass can get so loud that you will be able to feel the car vibrating to every beat. It is designed to blast low range frequencies, which leads to cleaner sounds. This is the ideal enhancement to encapsulate the change you have made.

These are just some of the enhancements you can do to improve your car’s sound system.


Key Takeaway

While your car most likely already has a pretty good sound system, why not kick it up a notch with these booming upgrades for your car’s sound system? Enhance your listening experience with these simple but impactful components. After availing these changes, you are guaranteed to always have access to your own private concert every time you turn your car on.

Sing along to the soundtrack of your children’s favorite television show, get ready for a fun night out with friends by blasting songs in your Toyota Altis Philippines, and hype yourself up for a date with your new and improved sound system!

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