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Vintage vs Modern: The Stand-Off

By maigne on September 23rd, 2017


Vintage vs Modern: The Stand-Off

What’s the difference between vintage and modern cars?


1.    More Available

2.    More Durable and Long-Lasting

3.    More Environmental-Friendly


1.    More Visually Appealing

2.    Provides a Richer Driving Experience

3.    Can Serve as Inspirations for Modern Designs


Even to a non-car enthusiast, one can’t deny that they can be worlds apart. There’s always the difference between a new car like a Toyota Wigo (which in the Philippines is currently quite popular) and a 1970 Toyota Cecilia. Either way, a car should always bring comfort and convenience to the driver and passengers.

Some of you might not remember what vintage cars were like, or might have never even seen one at all. If you’re curious, here are some of the best traits both vintage and modern cars showcase:


Vintage Cars are More Visually Appealing than Modern Cars

Admittedly, this can be subjective especially if we’re talking about someone’s ideal car. But while today’s models are a treat for the eyes, vintage cars ca be even sweeter. If you take the time to visit your nearest car show every once in a while, you’ll see that the designs were very unique from each other. See it in person to appreciate the aesthetics even more, both in terms of the car’s exterior and interior.

Another thing that makes this trait more appealing for vintage cars is that it adds style and character to anyone driving it. When you have a vintage car of your own, don’t be surprised if all eyes are on you.


Modern Cars are More Available than Vintage Cars

Vintage cars may be a great addition to their personal garages; but, how often can you find the one you’re looking for? And a working one at that? And if it’s in really good condition, there’s a huge chance the price will be incredibly steep.

Modern cars are pretty much available everywhere. In every car shop you go to, and in every parking lot, modern cars like the Toyota Wigo have certainly taken the stage. What’s more, they can be far more affordable with today’s available payment options.


Vintage Cars Provide a Richer Driving Experience than Modern Cars

When it comes to vintage cars, there’s nothing like the noises and vibrations that come from them when driving them. While modern cars can provide you with a quiet and smooth ride, vintage cars can bring back the iconic revving sound when one punches down on the accelerator. It’s a high like no other!


Modern Cars are More Durable and Lasting than Vintage Cars

There’s no argument that vintage cars can deliver a stellar performance in its own right; but, can they last long? With modern cars being built with materials designed to last against the elements and other external factors, it’s no question that modern cars are definitely more durable than vintage ones.


Vintage Cars Serve as Inspirations for Modern Car Designs

No matter how you look at it, old and classic things can serve as the foundations for newer and innovative things, especially with cars. Without vintage cars, modern cars wouldn’t be as they are now.


Modern Cars are More Environmental-Friendly than Vintage Cars

While vintage cars can certainly give you a richer driving experience, who would want to inhale all those toxic fumes? For modern cars like the Toyota Wigo, especially in the Philippines where pollution gets really bad, the main goal is to provide a unique driving experience while keeping the environment safe. That’s why many modern cars are built to be fuel-efficient, which in turn emits less gas and less noise.


Key Takeaway

Choosing the right car for you is one of the most important things to be considered. Besides the cost of what you want, it’s also just as important to check its qualities and see for yourself if practicality is better (or otherwise) than desire.



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