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What Makes the ‘Ideal’ Car?

By maigne on August 8th, 2017


What Makes the ‘Ideal’ Car?

What makes a car ‘ideal’?

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Reviews
  3. Updated with technology
  4. Customizable
  5. Versatile


There’s always that ‘one’ car that everyone wishes they’d get, whether it be as convenient as a Toyota Wigo from the Philippines or some foreign sports car that has been the object of many fantasies. Either way, the thought of owning a car is definitely enough to motivate you.

A car of your own can surely bring vast amounts of comfort and convenience, not to mention bragging rights as well. Being able to purchase one of your own is also seen as a huge accomplishment for many as the act of actually buying a car is not easy and definitely does not come cheap. All it takes is making the right choice.

But, what exactly makes a car the ‘ideal’ car? Or, most specifically, what exactly makes a car ‘the one’? If you’re looking for a bit of enlightenment, here are some things that can help shed some light:


Visual Appeal

This especially applies to those who love vintage cars. No matter how you put it, a car’s visual aesthetic will always remain a great factor in enticing sales and future ownerships. Besides, when you look around for a car, what is the first thing you notice? The shiny metallic finish? The overall design? The way it looks nearby and from a distance? Either way, it’s obviously the look of a car that first catches your eye.


When you go to a car show or your local car dealer, you’ll overhear various comments about the car you’ve been eyeing. Whether it’s based on personal experience, these comments can be very valuable. It can be about anything: appearance, endurance, performance, mileage, or other factors. Hearing (or reading) other people rave about a particular car will definitely increase its appeal.

Updated Technology

Technology has placed stepping stone after stepping stone towards total advancement, especially when it comes to the cars of today. Nowadays, everyone’s ideal car is the one that meets today’s standards in technology. It’s no surprise that self-parking cars, cars that start without the need of a key, cars with voice-commanded modems, and others of modern advancement are extremely sought after.

Customizable with Numerous Features

While a car that comes equipped with the features you want and need is enough to become one’s ideal car. However, there are also cars that leave rooms open for customization. This can be a cost-saving trait and a new form of infatuation for numerous car enthusiasts. The possibilities for customization are endless, so get your creative juices running and conceptualize.

Ability to Drive through Various Terrain

Another thing that really attracts drivers to their dream cars is their ability to conquer any terrain. Whether it be a rocky surface or a smooth track, the ideal car should be able to go through it.


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking to grab your ideal car when given the chance, be sure to take what you have read into consideration. These are things that will help you have a better idea of what type of car your heart desires. Other than that, here are some other tips to consider before buying a car.

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