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Better Than They Look: Why You Should Go for a Hatchback

By Vic on October 21st, 2015

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“A hatchback? Gross!” That’s what some of your more hardcore car-enthusiastic friends will probably say and think when they find out that you want to buy a hatchback. But are you going to back down from hatchbacks just because they told you so? Of course you shouldn’t! After all, hatchbacks, despite what a lot of people say, have a lot of good things to offer.

So give that Toyota Wigo you got from the Philippines a well-deserved chance. Or if you want, go for another great Toyota hatchback? If you still have your doubts, here are a few good reasons to convince you to finally get a hatchback.


More Cargo Space

toyota wigo interior

The hatchback may look like a small car, but you can actually store a lot of things in it. In fact, trunks of hatchbacks have more cargo space than sedans and have almost as much cargo space as SUVs! And since the rear seats of hatchbacks are foldable, you can have even more cargo space – perfect if you don’t have more than one passenger and have to bring a lot of things.


Less Parking Space

One of the things you have to consider before buying a car is how much parking space you have for it. If you don’t have a garage because you’re only renting out an apartment, or if you own a house but find it impractical to build a big garage for a big car, then a hatchback is the car for you. Thanks to its size, it is relatively easy to park outside your home as well as in public parking lots and open areas.

toyota wigo 1

The Price is Right

If you’re either strapped for cash or don’t have a car as a priority but needs a means to get around, then a hatchback would be a good option for you. They’re very affordable, and they have a lot of good features that make their price seem like a steal.

toyota prius c


If you’re looking for a family car but don’t really need a big car because you’re only four or five in total, then a hatchback should be enough for you. Also, although it’s not as spacious as other car styles when it comes to legroom and seating, it’s a pretty good family car, since domestic life involves a lot of trips to the grocery store and picking up stuff from school or work.

toyota yaris


The bigger the car is, the larger its engine has to be. And the bigger its engine is, the more fuel it consumes. Going by that logic, it can be said that hatchbacks are fuel-efficient. And they are! Think about it – the ability to bring a lot of stuff and spend significantly less amount of fuel is indeed amazing.


Already Stylish

toyota yaris exterior

Gone are the days when hatchbacks look clunky and slow; nowadays they feature the same cool streamline design sedans and SUVs boast of. You don’t have to look far: check out the Toyota Prius CYaris, and of course, Wigo. As you’ll learn, getting seen in a hatchback is no longer embarrassing – it’s actually pretty awesome now.


From being uncool vehicles people don’t want to be caught dead in, hatchbacks have become the ride of choice for practical folk, and for a lot of good reasons. So, if you need a car, a hatchback is a good choice that you definitely won’t regret.

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