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For the Books: 3 World Records Set by Toyota

By Vic on November 9th, 2015

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Toyota is one of the oldest, most well-known, and most reliable car companies out there, with their vehicles exhibiting great quality, value, and performance. They have also been involved with various technological advancements and innovations in the automobile industry, as well as in environmental causes.

Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that the company and its products (like the Toyota Altis in the Philippines) were able to set new world records and break old ones. Here are a few of their stellar achievements:


Having is the World’s Bestselling Car

toyota corolla

Considering that Toyota is one of the most famous and biggest car manufacturers in the world, it’s not so surprising that their models sell by the millions. However, these vehicles are outmatched in sales by one of their own: the classic Toyota Corolla.

Ever since it first hit the streets in 1966, the Toyota Corolla and its many succeeding iterations, including the Toyota Altis, has sold a whopping 37.5 million units. That’s like one unit sold every forty seconds! No other ride, even among the Toyota line-ups, had sold more.

How did the Toyota Corolla achieve such a feat? Why, because it’s affordable, reliable, easy to operate, and easy (and cheap) to repair! And Toyota, being the great car manufacturer it is, made sure that this crown jewel and its variants will continue to exhibit these outstanding features.


Undertaking the Fastest South Pole Overland Journey

toyota tacoma

Sales aren’t the only kind of record Toyota is breaking; they’re also reaching new frontiers of exploration and durability. Just take a look at the Toyota Tacoma, one of their sturdy all-around pickup trucks.

On December 14, 2011, polar explorer Jason Carteret, British racecar engineer Kieron Bradley, and Canadian copywriter Jason Thomas became part of an expedition as the reward for winning an online competition. And in the said expedition, they traveled up to 700 miles of Antarctic land riding a Toyota Tacoma. Of course, this Toyota Tacoma has been heavily modified to survive the harsh conditions in the South Pole. Nevertheless, the fact that a Toyota was chosen to travel more than half a thousand miles in one of the harshest and coldest terrain the world and actually deliver is already an impressive feat.


Setting a New Drifting World Record

toyota gt86

If the Toyota AE86 is both an icon and a crowd favorite in drift racing, then it’s only right that its successor would be the one to set the record when it comes to drifting.

Kuba Przygonski, a racecar driver who’s a part of the ORLEN team, was able to set the record for fastest drift using a heavily modified Toyota GT86. The Toyota GT86 he used was heavily modified to have an output of around 1086 bhp, allowing it to reach drifting speeds of up to 136.23 mph. That’s a lot faster than what a lot of people would ever regularly drive in their entire life!


The cars Toyota made are not only reliable, powerful, fast, convenient, and comfortable; they’re also capable of performing awesome acts and leaving indelible marks in history. So if you still don’t have a Toyota, then it’s about time you go get one.


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