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For decades, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has been producing vehicles and components known for exhibiting outstanding quality, advanced technology, and creative innovation. As the Philippines' biggest car manufacturing company and the market leader in the automotive industry, they have a wide range of products and sales distribution, consisting of a vehicle line-up 18 different models and a service network of 43 outlets nationwide.So if you're planning on investing on a Toyota vehicle, you're in luck! With such a wide array of vehicle selections as well as many outlets near you, you'll be able to easily buy the Toyota that best fits you. Below is a list of Toyota models available in the Philippines, alongside their corresponding color options and retail prices. (Note: Items prices may change without prior notice.)

Type Model Variant SRP Color
Performance Vehicle 86 2.0L A/T AERO 1,946,000 Crystal White Pearl* , Crystal Black Silica, Lightning Red and Orange Metallic
2.0L M/T AERO 13,200
2.0L A/T 1,736,000 Crystal White Pearl* , Ice Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Silica, Lightning Red, Dark Gray Metallic and Galaxy Blue Silica
2.0L M/T 1,636,000
Hybrid PRIUS 1.8 2,250,000 White Pearl* , Silver Metallic, Red Mica Metallic, Dark Blue Mica, and Abyss Gray Metallic
C1.5 (Standard) 1,537,000 Silver Metallic, Yellow Mica Metallic, Cool Soda Metallic, and Orange Pearl CS
C1.5 (Full Option) 1,587,000
Crossovers & SUV's LAND CRUISER LC200 4,372,000 White Pearl* , Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Attitude Black, and Beige Mica Metallic
PRADO 4.0 Gas A/T 2,972,000 White Pearl* , Raven Black, Gray Metallic, Silver Metallic, and Dark Steel
3.0 DSL A/T 3,857,000
3.0 DSL M/T 3,757,000
FJ CRUISER 4.0 V6 A/T Gas 1,798,000 Yellow, Red, Black, Cement Gray, Smoky Blue, Beige and White
FORTUNER 4x4V A/T DSL 877,000