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The Toyota Vios: Philippine’s Finest

For a decade now, the Philippine’s Toyota Vios has served as the subcompact sedan benchmark, and it stands as one of the most successful automobiles out there. Ever consistent for being a best seller, and highly praised and acclaimed by many auto lovers and by transportation businesses for its size, price, and reliability, the Toyota Vios made its mark as a sedan that is well loved by corporate fleets, taxi companies, and race car drivers. But most especially, it is embraced by most families as their favorite ride. As a matter of fact, almost every time cars pass by, you would definitely see a Vios twice or thrice more than any other car, proving that it is the Toyota vehicle Filipinos love and trust.


The Toyota Vios: A Short History

Three generations of the Toyota Vios have been launched since 2002 and ever since, it has become one of the best-selling automobiles in the nation. The Toyota Vios, especially in the Philippines, definitely lives up to its name Vios, which means “To Move Forward” in Latin. Originally built to replace the Tercel, Vios is a four-door subcompact sedan that is manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation and it came to be best loved in the Asia Pacific region of the world, and the best-selling sedan in the Philippines.

The first generation Vios was created in Thailand and its body panels were modified from the Platz, which crafted the remarkable and unique appearance of the Vios, but its portions and feature designs were quite similar to that of the E120 Corolla. In 2005 the Vios was remodeled for a new appearance and both the interior and exterior had minor cosmetic changes to the 2006 released version. The Toyota Vios, especially the Philippine variant, proved to be a hit in the car market, being the preferred choice of buyers across the country.

Production of this early version was stopped in late 2007, with the birth of the official 2nd generation Vios. It was given a fresh new look with its new wheels, head and tail lamps, and interior design. It also received an upgrade by having an even more convenient feature with a flat rear floor for maximum comfort ability. This second generation Vios also focused more of its features to coziness rather than handling because of its leg space row and trunk space.

Vios of the third generation was later unveiled in Bangkok International Motor show of 2013 and this was the version that catapulted Vios’ standard as a world class and global vehicle, becoming the most successful and best-selling of its kind of automobile up until now. The third generation Vios has a lighter frame compared to its predecessors, which makes navigation easy breezy. Plus, its headlights have a more pronounced slanted shape to match with its angular bumper, which makes the overall look sportier than any sedan.

In 2017, the Philippine Toyota Vios has received more improvements in its cosmetics and performance, while also having new features that will make your driving experience safer and more comfortable. The latest edition of the sedan has an improved exterior that gives a sleek and classy feel. Aside from this, there are new engine and transmission options, like the 1.5 liter variant. The new Vios also boasts some new technology in the form of a touch screen entertainment system, which addresses all your multimedia needs like playing movies and listening to music.

Despite all the improvements and new features of the third generation, a new and upcoming model is soon to be unveiled in 2020. With a good track record, expect the new model to continue being one of the most-sought after models in the market.


What Makes the Toyota Vios Stand Out?

From its gorgeous appeal to its decent cabin space and durability, the Toyota Vios attracts most auto enthusiasts, and is celebrated in the global car industry. But aside from the overall impeccable good design and superb authenticity, Vios hosts one of the finest engines. The latest model boasts of 4 variants: 1.3 Base, 1.3 J, 1.3 E (a taxi favorite) and finally 1.5 G. Each of them holds their own prowess, with both manual and automatic transmissions available for E and G spec trim levels, while the Base and J models have manual transmission alone.

Specifically, the two latest models, E Grade and G Grade have almost the same specifications. Both have an overall weight (mm) of 4410, overall width (mm) of 1700 and an overall height that is 1475 mm. The engine types for both models have the capacity of 1497 as well as maximum output of 80 kW or 107 bhp per 6000 RPM and a maximum torque capacity of 141 per 4200 RPM. However, the best thing about Toyota vehicles are their fuel consumption and the Vios is built with a CO2 Emission of 147 and Fuel Tank Capacity of 42.

Following the success of the previous generation, the third generation Vios proved its worth in the Philippine market by being the best-selling sedan because of its amazing interior and exterior, which are well appreciated by car enthusiasts. From the distinct framework, which is such a head turner to its sporty silhouette, it lives up to the expectations of many. The Catamaran Roof Design is uniquely styled as a gorgeous roof that not only adds to the aesthetic, but is also made from lightweight material for a lower center of gravity. For its bumper, the frontal is a prominent chrome-accented grille that extends into the headlamps for that chic sporty look. The projector headlamps are also to die for with its cut through the dark power of great visibility and also a pro for its visual. Meanwhile, the lower front spoiler improves the aerodynamics with a front air dam that effectively channels wind for better cooling performance. Going to the side, the boldly sculptured body panels give the Vios its athletic figure that definitely makes it stand out. And finally, the rear lamps are contoured sharply and styled to perfection with bright and clear tail lamps to emboss it with a superior outlook.

The interior, on the other hand, definitely does not disappoint with a multi-function steering that electronically assists your steering wheel features and audio control buttons that will keep you safe by making you look at the road at all times. Not to miss out on the beauty and function, the stylish instrumental cluster that is positioned in the driver’s line of sight holds a 3-ring designed meter that amplifies the sports look. And finally, for the high-quality finish the finely stitched upholstery is bounded by its lustrous black accents that cover every inch of the Vios’ cabin.


What Are the Highlights of the Toyota Vios’ Performance?

There are plenty of reasons why the Philippine Toyota Vios has been consistently the number one selling automobile in the country for the best part of the last 10 years. Efficient, versatile, easy to drive, affordable and reliable – these are the best descriptions for the Toyota Vios. But that’s not all!

The Toyota Vios in the Philippines has always been regarded to be one of the comfiest cars ever made thanks to its features, from the cabin space to the luggage space. Starting from its package and rear shoulder clearance, it is without a doubt high class. Its luggage space does not disappoint; it is big enough to hold up to four full-size golf bags. Its boot can also accommodate bulky items. Superior usability of the interior storage space is available as well as rear armrest that offers twin cup-holders, where you can put your drinks. Finally, the Vios proves to be a supreme vehicle thanks to its cabin space, which has been designed to be thinner, and flat floor, which has enough leg space for you to move comfortably.

Toyota Vios holds a VVT-i technology that combines low consumption with spirited performance of 107bhp per 6,000rpm and 141N per 4,200rpm. The Suspension and Brakes hosts improved suspension, which ensures stability during directional change, and it has 15-inch ventilated front disc brakes and 14-inch rear disc brakes that provide superior brake power to make you feel safe. The steering is flawless, especially with electronic power steering that provides excellent and precise steering performance. Toyota Vios is intricately created with its body structure that has an enhanced body rigidity and reduced weight. Special features such as the eco drive indicator, which economically controls how you drive because of its built-in alerts, and the handling stability, where the aero stabilizing fins exist, have been helpful for the airflow and handling stability. Finally, to top it off the Vios has specially designed silencers, carpets, and engine mounts, which minimizes cabin noise and vibration.

Ultimately, Toyota Vios have plenty of safety equipment and measures for its drivers and passengers. First off is the ABS or Anti-Lock Brake System that controls the braking hydraulic pressure and helps prevent the wheels from locking up to ensure stable braking performance even on slippery and intricate surfaces. Second, the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Airbags that is available for the driver and front passenger seats. Third, to help reduce whiplash injuries when an unfortunate rear end collision occurs, the WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening) concept seat ensures safety for the front seats. Fourth, and one of the most important factors, are the collision safety body that helps reduce injury from any front and side collisions. And finally, the Child Restraint System, which complies with the international safety standards, has been installed to secure up to two child seats at the rear.


What Makes People Love the Toyota Vios?

Any car enthusiast would testify to the grandiloquence of the Toyota Vios. And if being the number one selling vehicle in the country for 10 consecutive years already isn’t enough proof of how well received it is by the people, then the superb reliability and overall aesthetic appeal of the auto will make you adore it. Another great reason why the Vios has sold well in the past few years is also because of the people’s trust towards Toyota’s quality and reliability, which has been long established in the country.

Well-loved by all kinds of people, families praise it for its convenience and comfort, taxi companies love its affordable yet top-notch quality service, and auto lovers simply adore its existence and overall reliability. The Vios has also become a reliable race car as well, with drivers across the nation competing in the Annual Toyota Vios Cup happening in the country every summer. With all of the best features and visuals of this car combined, it serves as a dynamic driving experience for each owner, which without a doubt proves that Vios is a class on its own. The Toyota Vios is definitely the car to buy, if you are looking for the best combination of performance and affordability.


How Much Does the Toyota Vios Cost in the Philippines?

Toyota Vios gets approval and nods from the media and not just due to its sporty design and such, but also because it’s a very affordable vehicle. It comes in four variants: the base model, the J, E and the line topping G models and a choice between two engines the 1.5L and the 1.3L. Plus, you get to choose the colors from red mica metallic, white pearl, orange metallic, blue mica metallic, freedom white, silver metallic, alumina jade metallic, and blackish red mica.

Being the best-selling vehicle for years now you can be sure that your money is worth buying this satisfactory vehicle, so how much does it cost to have a Toyota Vios? Depending on the variant you have chosen and transmission the prices vary from 617,000 pesos to 940,000 pesos.


Where Can I Buy a Toyota Vios in the Philippines?

With over 40 dealerships across the country, finding and buying a Toyota Vios in the Philippines would not be a problem at all. 17 of these dealerships are in the Metro Manila alone. You can also check out our website Toyota Philippines to know more about our vehicles. We’ll gladly talk and accommodate all your inquiries.


Why Would a Toyota Vios Go On Sale?

We want you to experience only the best from Toyota, which is why we are offering you only our greatest deals. The Toyota Vios, especially from the Philippines, is certainly one of them. To learn more about this vehicle, as well as our upcoming sales and promos, you can check out our lovely catalog.

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