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The Toyota Wigo

Known for the car that is “Easy to Own, Easy to Drive and Easy to Enjoy”, this hatchback from Toyota is the newest addition to the Toyota Motors Philippines. A compact design that may very well be complimentary to the modern lifestyle as it is essentially built for any road and tight city lanes, Toyota Wigo provides the perfect opportunity for you to get out more and have an experience of a hassle-free drive to any destination with family and friends.

The Toyota Wigo, bagged the Best Micro Car of the Year Award given by the Car Awards Group for 2014 - 2015. This is one indicator and guarantee you need to pick Wigo as your partner on all your future road trips!


The Toyota Wigo: A Short History

It was firstly introduced in the Indonesian market at the 2012 Indonesia International Motor Show and was originally sold as Daihatsu Ayla but more commonly known as Toyota Agya, from the Sanskrit word ‘Agya’ which means fast. And after a year, it has been sold on September 2013 to the general public.

On July 2013, it was announced by Toyota Motors Philippines that they will import the Toyota Agya in our country but under a different name – Wigo, to compete with Mitsubishi’s Mirage. In the year2014, the Toyota Wigo was launched in Cebu in February as a low-cost green car in the Philippines.


What Makes Toyota Wigo Stand Out?

As the Best Micro Car of the Year in the Philippines, there are a number of factors that makes Wigo a top contender.

The Toyota Wigo, with a smart yet stylish sub-compact hatchback aesthetic, car enthusiasts and the like will agree on Wigo’s design that is complimentary to its functionality. Ergonomically designed to suit your needs, its modernized exterior of chrome side moldings and door handles, front/rear bumpers also have a front chrome garnish and multi-reflector halogen headlamps, laminated windshield, all of these upscale finish were well thought out to keep up with the latest trend and classy style - from the edgy front grille to the solid rear end bumper.

And despite the simplicity of the car interior, its clever design has a lot of leg room and headspace available which provides you with more visual room. The standard car usually fits four adult-size passengers and Wigo can just as easily accommodate at least 5 adult passengers in relative comfort.

If you are planning to go out for a long road trip ahead, the Toyota Wigo is without a doubt the perfect choice!


What are the Highlights of Toyota Wigo's Performance?

In terms of performance, the Toyota Wigo has a 1.0L three-cylinder engine with 65 Horsepower and 85 Nm. At most, accelerating through the highways can be on a leisurely pace. The maneuvering and drivability of the Wigo can put you at ease whether it is an automatic or manual transmission. It provides you with safe and smooth driving due to its agility and seamless transmission, even for a Manual Transmission. Both steering and handling are perfectly adequate, which is an advantage, considering there is heavy traffic constantly present in these times. It wouldn’t be too difficult to maneuver your way around tight streets or even in small parking areas with Wigo.

Safety measures, of course, is a priority and Wigo does not disappoint; given that it is equipped with the standard SRS airbags for both the driver and passenger seat, Anti-Lock Brake and Anti-Theft system, as well as a Child Lock Protection system. This automobile can give you all the reassurance you need in terms of security and protection from unforeseeable accidents.


What Makes People Love Toyota Wigo?

Toyota Wigo caters to the first-time drivers, seeing as small vehicles are a probable option for them due to the easy drivability and better handling. In spite of its small compact size, it is highly capable of taking you and 4 more of your friends anywhere, zipping around in the Metro with ease while also doing it with style!

But what attracts people most to this classy hatchback is its value for money and for all young professionals, a sub-compact car is always the recommended choice.Wigo is the car that is specifically meant for those who are looking for an upgrade from their simple form of transportation. It is a huge step up from motorcycles or second-hand cars, it is considered as a great starting point for someone who is interested to step into the automobile bandwagon. You can never go wrong once you choose Toyota Wigo.


How Much Does Toyota Wigo Cost?

It’s only natural for car buyers to ask this question – Is a Toyota Wigo worth my money?

One of the best assets the Wigo has is its fair price in the market. It’s not a bit surprising how on demand this Toyota model is since you can easily own one due to their amazing prices:

  • WIGO 1.0G A/T – Php 556,000.00
  • WIGO 1.0G M/T – Php 521,000.00
  • WIGO 1.0E M/T – Php 468,000.00

With the suggested retail price ranging from Php 468,000 to 556,000, it is not a least bit surprising that the Wigo is a certified hit for the masses. This is likely the perfect Toyota for you!


Where Can I Buy a Toyota Wigo?

Toyota Motors Philippines has over 40 dealerships all over the Philippines. In Metro Manila, there are 16 dealerships which includes the multi-award winning Toyota Quezon Avenue branch. If you have inquiries, you may contact the Quezon Avenue branch trunkline at (02) 554-2000, or visit them at 728 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. You can also check which dealership is nearest you by visiting our website at Toyota Philippines or call our Customer Assistance Center Hotline (CAC) at (02) 819-2912.


Why Would a Toyota Wigo Go On Sale?

To be able to reach out to those first-time car owners and fellow car enthusiasts, Toyota is offering their great. For the Toyota Wigo deal - Pay Low All-In Package as low as P49,034 pr pay light as low as P4,518 for the Wigo 1.0E M/T. This promo runs from October 1 to 31 of this year.